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Our steels have been widely applied to many industries and fields, such as the construction industry, shipbuilding industry, pressure vessels and boilers, oil and gas, bridge construction, offshore platforms, stamping cold forming,etc.

Utility Knife: The Anatomy of an All-Purpose Tool | Slice

A utility knife is a must-have for any home or workplace toolkit. But what makes a good utility knife? ... Utility Knife: The Anatomy of an All-Purpose Tool. ... If the knife has multiple blade position options, the user can adjust the blade length to the job at hand. Weaknesses.

EDC Hand Tools | The Grommet

The Quickdraw Dual-Use Utility Knife by EDC Hand Tools is a rugged new take on the folding utility knife, with both standard & special retractable blades. Today only! Free shipping on all orders and Perks members get an extra 10% off.

Utility Knives: Many Styles, All With Safety Blades | Slice

What Is a Utility Knife? Utility knives are hand tools that cut corrugated packaging, plastic, and other materials. Commonly used for both household and industrial applications, the best utility knives feature safety measures—such as patent-pending finger-friendly ® Slice ® blades—to prevent lacerations. Lacerations are a major cause of ...

Husky Wood Handle Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife-99736 ...

The Husky Wood Handle Folding Lock-Back Utility Knife features a quick-change blade mechanism that accepts standard size utility blades. The lock-back design locks the blade in place for safe and efficient ... Too Many Seeds Reviews These knives are a good value. They are quite a bit better than you’d expect for the money and that also takes ...User rating: 4.1/5

Retractable Utility Knife - The Home Depot

This DEWALT Retractable Utility Knife is lockable and retractable for convenience and to enhance your safety. High speed blade change. ... Feels good in the hand too. Not sure what trouble others are having but this thing works for me every time. Date published: 2018-10-19.User rating: 2.1/5

Amazon: Premium Folding Utility Knife 2-in-1- …

amazon› …› Hand Tools› Knives› Utility KnivesA utility knife which won't hold the blades isn't especially useful. ... For those other things I carry a gerber 3.5" knife, that I love too. Now with this new knife I gave the craftman to my coworker and the gerber is on my tool bag. ... It has some weight which feels great in my hand. The thumb screw for the utility razor makes it a snap to ...User rating: 4.1/5

WORKPRO Folding Utility Knife Quick-change Box Cutter ...

amazon› …› Hand Tools› Knives› Utility KnivesWORKPRO Folding Utility Knife Quick-change Box Cutter, Blade Storage ... It uses a thread finer than 40 threads per inch which is the finest that I keep on hand. The diameter is too small for me to gauge the TPI with my tools and I suspect it's metric anyway. Without this info I cannot replace it and opening the knife is now almost too much to ...User rating: 4.2/5

Safety Meeting Topics -How to Safely Handle Utility Knives

Too quick, in fact, because I didn’t realize just how sharp that utility knife was and I ended up with a nasty cut on my other hand. Utility Knives Anyone who works with hand tools will probably tell you that the utility knife is to be treated with respect.

The 3 Best Utility Knives | Best Utility Knife - Knife Up

The knife handle for your utility knife should fit your hand. If it is too large, you won’t be able to grip the knife when you’re using it, and if it’s too small, the knife will turn in your hand, preventing you from having control of the blade.

2019 Best Utility Knives Reviews - Top Rated Utility Knives

A utility knife is the general name given to a range of knife cutters. With different types available for the kitchen , the workplace, the outdoors, and even the art studio, utility knives are versatile and handy in all all sorts of situations.

Owners Page - Utility Tool Knives

Owners Page Utility Tool Battle Axe Review on Everydaycommentary. ... .figured you would too. ... lots of times I need the knife using only one hand….perfect QUALITY sheath too…don’t you guys quit making this product..I am seeing copy cats out there right now….advertise this is the original…(if it is). ...

The best utility knife you can buy - Business Insider

You'll find more than a few online reviews where the user learned this first-hand, the hard way. ... If a standard-sized utility knife is proving to be too cumbersome for delicate crafting tasks ...

Home Utility Knives | eBay

ebay› …› Home Hand Tools› Home Knives & BladesCRAFTSMAN LOCKBACK FOLDING UTILITY KNIFE. Theblack, folding, lock back utility knife has a modern look, featuring a black handle with gray accents. The Craftsman logo displays proudly on the handle; Craftsman is synonymous with high-quality hand tools.

Kitchen Utility Knives - Knife Merchant

Typically ranging from 4 to 7 inches in length, utility knives are the perfect tool to use when your chef knife is too big to maneuver precisely, but your paring knife is just too darn small. X40013 $30.95

Review: TPT Titanium Pocket Tool (keychain utility knife ...

edcforums› Gear - The Stuff We Carry› Keychain ToolsFeb 01, 2019· In the hand of a maker a trapezoidal utility blade can be used as a knife, a screwdriver, a sandpaper, ... maybe the Screwpop Ron's Utility Knife 3.0 and that's about it. A safety insert weighs ~3.3g, the empty leather sheath weighs 19g. ... Maybe other keychain utility blades can be used in that way too but the Gerber EAB Lite cannot.

QuickDraw Dual-Use Utility Knife | The Grommet

The Quickdraw XLR is a rugged new take on the folding utility knife. It fits both standard and special XLR retractable blades with added handy functions, too.

Stanley Made a Lightweight Plastic Utility Knife. So Is It ...

The utility knife didn't need to be reinvented. ... Many hand tools reached a point of perfection early in their development. ... too. After so many years with the 99, it might take me a while to ...

Craftsman 2-1/4" Folding Lock Back Utility Knife with ...

The black, folding, lock back utility knife has a modern look, featuring a black handle with gray accents. The Craftsman logo displays proudly on the handle; Craftsman is synonymous with high-quality hand tools. The utility knife features a 2 1/4" stainless steel blade that is strong for your cutting needs.

Multi-Tool, Retractable & Utility Knives | STANLEY Tools

Hand Tools Automotive Tools ... Knives (0) STANLEY® utility knives are designed to meet your cutting needs and are available in a variety of styles including safety, folding, retractable, snap-off, fixed, sliding, specialty and more. Knives. Show Filters Style. ... 6 in Plastic Retractable Utility Knife.

How To Cut Drywall With Just a Tape Measure and Utility Knife

How To Cut Drywall With Just a Tape Measure and Utility Knife. ... Your other hand goes at the end of the drywall, pinching the appropriate-length measurement on the tape. ... you can too ...[PDF]


Forcing the knife can lead to hand and arm fatigue, a weaker grip, which can lead to an injury. ... Do not use “too much blade.” Only use enough blade to make the cut. ... utility knife use & match the safety knife …